Monday, July 24, 2006

Notes from An Event Apart

Here are some notes from the 'An Event Apart' event in NYC

1. all html elements can be styled with CSS, even the < head > element
2. proximity does not affect specificity in CSS
3. check out css-discuss.org
4. check out Microformats
5. check out mousepose for mac if doing presentations
6. apple.com copywrite class = sosumi

metadata keywords are ignored by major search engines now

a:target is a pseudo class to style elements which are targets of an html anchor. Nice way to draw attention to the content referenced after the browser jumps to the anchor. ie give content a background color.

margins collapse
Margins collapse, padding does not. Refer here

look at source of this page
meltter toledo

The developers were in the audience and requested it be critiqued. Needless to say it was ripped to shreds.


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